Nice cursor

The new cursor - April 1 - I knew I shouldn’t have let Nedry have access to the system on this date.


It was first a shock…


I feel so dirty… So very dirty… :wink:

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I’m on the phone… what’s happening?

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Of all things…

I have miss clicked all the things.

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Ha I’m on mobile!

… seriously I got no idea what’s going on lol

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@BeachAV8R Have we been bought out by SimHQ! Well Ill get Ill get it started then:

ED is the worst company in existence!!!

Lol I kid…

It was higly annoying at first. But now it’s fine…

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With some of the suspicious redirects and adware bs going on at SimHQ, I thought some kind of malware got installed. Realized it was an April Fool’s thing when it was only at Mudspike. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was so disturbed seeing that thing I quickly sent off an email to admin, then I realized it might be an April Fools prank. :relaxed:

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So I finally got home here… and nothing is different?