No. 30. Cessna 152 across the Rooftop of Australia (+ airport charts)

Australia is a relatively flat country, but its highest mountains, the Snowy Mountains, are beautiful to tour & fly over. In this video we visit, in summer, Australia’s highest airstrips & sealed-runway airport (with airport charts) & Australia’s highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.


I flew over the Snowies just a couple of days ago (X-Plane) in a Velocity Twin. Departed Cooma (YCOM) to ‘visit’ a friend in Melbourne, Destination airfield was Moorabbin (YMMB).

That part of the world is basically where I live. It is just as scenic from ground level and boasts some of the best roads for motorcycles in Australia - A group of us used to regulaly do what we called the Snowy Loop for a day trip. Cooma - Jindabyne - Thredbo - Khancoban (Lunch at JJ’s Alpine Cafe) - Cabramurra - Kiandra - Adaminaby - Cooma. Plug those placenames into Google Maps and you will see what I mean :slight_smile:


Nice. Cheers.

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