No work until Jan 3rd

Well boys, I’m off for Christmas till the 3rd, any game recommendations?


You played all of these? Free from Ubi from today till Xmas. :santa:

Watch_Dogs - Ubisoft Free Events
World in Conflict: Complete Edition - Ubisoft Free Events
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag - Ubisoft Free Events


Actually yes! WIC is a favorite of mine. Watch dogs was ok, black flag I 100% completed some time ago. Great games

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Watch Dogs 2 is a far better game (a bit more humor, although for the last portion of the game it can get a bit easy to become overpowered for the end-game missions) and is worth a look.

Also, do you have a moment for us to tell you about our Lord and Savior VR? :wink: I’m really enjoying playing through Fallout 4 VR at the moment.

Don’t forget, next Steam Sale is in about 2 days now, so don’t pull the trigger too soon on the wallet.

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Yeah I’m gonna wait for the sale, bound to be something worth while. On VR, the one thing that has held me back is the resolution. Is it at least equivalent to a 1080p monitor? I only play on 1080p so if it’s equivalent to that I’ll be in. Last time I put one on in a store it was so blurry I couldn’t justify the price.

Well, you could come back and play Day of Infamy or Insurgency, or whatever game you played with us before.

(that goes for you too, fearless :stuck_out_tongue: )


Resolution is an issue, there is no real avoiding it. It really depends if the pros are worth the cons. For flight sims it’s a balance between the feeling of a solid 3D awareness and being able to look around like you are in a cockpit vs the ability to see instruments clearly without leaning in or toggling a zoom button. For stuff like Fallout 4 it obviously feels great as the UI is changed to accommodate.

I’ve never flown the DCS Harrier out of VR and for me I can’t go back to 2D, the HUD etc all just fine. I’m never going to win in MP dogfight servers anyway, so for me it definitely works well. It’s a bit like people with TrackIR, once you don’t have it, it feels very different and something is missing if you don’t use it. For ground combat, things like Onward are really intense (eh @Linebacker?).

Because the VR headset lens work across essentially a ‘stretched’ image, it means that the ‘sweet spot’ of where your eye works isn’t really directly 1:1 comparable with 1080p. The trouble with a store demo is that often you need to adjust the unit to fit your head, in that getting it so it works comfortably so you can see well is something better learnt at home. I can use things like Virtual Desktop to use the headset as a desktop (and it’s clear enough to use).


You are not doing this also in 2D? Strange… :slight_smile:

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Don’t do that. Don’t put that thought in my head. I have a company to run man…(MAC)…I don’t have time for that…


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Borderlands 2, Transistor, Dishonored 2, Prey, Tales from the Borderlands, The Talos Principle, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Homeworld Remastered, Mark of the Ninja… All just to start!

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Ya, poor VR resolution and screen-door effect are a damn shame because they nailed every other aspect … great 3D, great 1:1 motion tracking, great touch controllers, great vision etc.

I talk about vision because I’m nearsighted and wear contact lenses for distance but since I’m old, I have to wear reading glasses to see up close if I have my contacts in.

I thought for sure I’d be screwed with VR because the displays are an inch away from your eyes … NOT SO! They’ve got some sort of magic lenses in there which mimic real life vision! PLUS holding stuff close to my virtual eyes in VR is no problemo!

I’m having a blast with Onward but I know you were and active duty Marine @Gunnyhighway so your mileage may vary. :slight_smile:

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I’ll jump on with yall this week. Onward sounds interesting, but I haven’t bought the bullet on the VR yet. I can’t get R6S either, I already bought it 2 years ago on the PS4. Principles.

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It’s sort of like an aircraft HUD, where the focal point is put further away (infinity for a HUD, but about 2 meters or so for a CV1/Vive I think). It’s clever stuff.

Yeah, go jump in a lake! Thats way too much time to have off :smile: and yes I am jelouse !

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