Noise..glorious noise!

Think ED will be able to recreate that? (Einstein will never be able to play MP carrier ops with me without headphones!)


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Yeah, it has got to be a noisy hectic place… I hope ED can capture some of that for sure…

I’m not sure I:

  1. Want to invest in the speaker system necessary to reflect that level of sound;
  2. Want to be functionally deaf after 10 minutes on the flight deck;
  3. Permanently deaf after a sortie;


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Awesome!!! However, anybody that has been on the ramp while a fighter jet takes off knows that you cant quite recreate that internal organ shattering deep bass rumble.

We each choose our own level of sacrifies, @Fridge.

@weaponz248 nailed it. There’s something about the inner guts boogie that no desktop speaker is going to replicate - but I sure wouldn’t mind if they tried. My Wife, on the other hand, would probably mind a great deal… :’(