Norwegian Blackbird

Great period photos too.


A really good read - it sounds like a lot of work to keep an SR-71 operating…

Wow…that was a great read. Sounded like a logistics nightmare getting all the parts and pieces (and fuel) there for further ferrying the aircraft. It’s pretty impressive that they could navigate that plane into a .5 distance from the Russian airspace given the speed they are flying (Mach 3+)… Even if they are flying somewhat tangentially to the airspace, just a small miscalculation and that thing can easily fly dozens of miles off course given the enormous groundspeed and turn radius. Interesting stuff…


I feel sad that they didn’t partake in 4 different delicious fish soups though.

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Well, to be fair, as is the usual multi-crew custom, one would have to have one of the delicious fish soups, while the other would have to have the chicken soup.