NTTR map setup

Surely you guys have seen this, but I just now found it and am really impressed with it. These guys spent a ton of time making the NTTR setup as true to life as I’ve seen, with the real ranges and such on it. I added the Harrier as flyable and it makes for a great mission to hop in and mess around in without the map feeling sterile.

EDIT :frog:

you have to download the units. heres the link with instructions.


Also it’s cool having tank hulks on the bomb ranges instead of just craters or moving targets. The map also has destroyable units, plus some conex boxes that add a touch of realism to the ranges. My first experience with controlling aircraft happened at a range in 29 palms California and we had f18s dropping gbus through double stacked containers.

That looks pretty amazing! I will have to download it and try it out over the weekend! Maybe add a few AI JTACs to see if I can get that frikin LST working (for me) on the Harrier.

Thanks for the info!


How do you change maps in DCS 2.2? I cant find how to select Nevada or Normandy in the editor.

When you create a new mission (using the menu in the Mission Editor) you get a choice of map.

Hehehehe… I am in the ME. I don’t know where in ME there is that choice. Mine always comes up in Normandy. How do I pick Nevada? Where is that button.

click on file- new on the mission editor you can then select either nevada or normandy its the same page as when you select countries for the coalitions

Thanks Guys, sorry I need so much hand holding…

Does this mission works in the latest alpha? I get an error about missing modules when trying to load the mission.

you have to download the units. heres the link with instructions.

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