NVIDIA RTX 4000 Series

SkyrimVR with the Index and 4080 - just for the fpsVR info…

…and here it is with the same add-ons, high settings etc, but with Pico 4 via Virtual Desktop wireless (866Mbps connection speed to PC) and the 4080 - admittedly not much going on, but still…


The 4060ti gets a pasting on release for being crap and seems sales of cards are no where near what NVIDIA was predicting - so was going to get the Violin out for them while sticking my finger up at the same time.

However seems that their stock has just gone through the roof as it is said their GPUs are to AI what Intel CPUs were to PCs - without any competition for now.

Nvidia has been concentrating on AI for years. Fast memory and dedicated CPUs have many applications.

Yeah - was just reading about how AI is helping the scientific industry - apparently they just found a new super strength antibiotic with the help of AI narrowing down the possible source way faster than anything else could.
If that has anything to do with nVidia I’m not surprised their value skyrocketed.

Intels pivot to GPUs is starting to make more sense - interesting!

The writing has been on the wall for years. nVidia tried to swallow ARM for a reason.

Intel is currently merging GPU related stuff like crazy into the Linux kernel. The big money is all in data center/compute cluster contracts.