Obutto, Fighter Stick, throttle quad, pedals for sale

Looking to refurb my existing sim pit area and hardware, so I’m clearing house of some surplus gear,and will leave the mudspike post live for a few days before posting to Facebook Marketplace. Of note I’m located in the Philadelphia/South NJ area; zip 08080, if local pickup makes any sense. For any item below, more pictures can be provided on request! All payment to be made via paypal, save for local pickup, where cash or Venmo are also acceptable.

First up for sale is a CH Throttle Quadrant. Clearing house as a honeycomb throttle is (hopefully…) on the way soon. I can’t find the other knobs, so what you see is what’s included

Looking to get $50, with shipping negotiable.


Up next are Saitek Combat Rudder pedals. Well used, but still in good shape, and still are relatively smooth for what they are. The world seems to be going crazy, given that as of this writing two sets are on ebay for about $400 USD. I’ll likely list them for $200 on FB marketplace, but am offering to 'spikers for $150. Shipping negotiable.

Next, a CH Fighterstick USB. What better way to fly DCS Tomcat than with a joystick who’s design is equally dated, but none-the-less effective. In great shape. RCA cables not included. $50 with shipping negotiable.

And finally; I’ll be replacing my Obutto Revolution with a system more designed to work with a built-in-desk I’m installing in the sim/play room.

She’s in good shape but seat shows some general wear (no tears in cloth, but a bit sun faded in spots). Included (but not shown) are additional monitor arms (the older style), and a couple additional peripheral arms for the seat base, which should allow it to be configured for any possible use one has; flight or racing. Will also include the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS specific mounts (stick and throttle base). Also comes with the dual acrylic desk arms. Does not include any of the non-obutto equipment shown (monitor, PC, VR headset, HOTAS, etc).

I just built this the equivalent package on Obuttos site, and it comes out to $1,164 USD, before factoring in shipping. Of note, I didn’t include triple monitor hardware in that build, as the newer monitor hardware looks nicer, so not a fair comparison.

With that in mind, I’m going with $500 Firm. I hesitantly say that shipping is on the table, if buyer is a spiker and willing to work with me on some outside-the-box solution (eg. maybe use Fastenal to ship).


Cost on the CH Fighter Stick ?

Whoop, sorry about that!

Added that it’s “$50 with shipping negotiable.”

Update: I’ve decided not sell the obutto; not letting me edit the thread at the initial post at this point, which is why it is still shown in first post.

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