Oculus games without Touch?

I bought my Rift shortly before the price redux and combo with Touch. Pfft, yeah…

Anyhow, I’d like to try other games but everything appears to require Touch controllers. Are there any decent games that can be used with a mouse and keyboard?

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Elite: Dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Sorry, not helpful, I know :pensive:

Outside of cockpit games, you pretty much need the controllers for the newer Rift games. While my primary use for the Rift is with DCS, there are some really fun games that use the controllers, so I would highly recommend you pick up a set. The added bonus is that they come with an additional IR camera, which improves the tracking (and widens the area where the Rift works without tracking issues.

Lone Echo is worth the expense of getting controllers. I was very impressed by that one.

Sorry for the resurrection…
Being late to the VR I’m curious about the touch controllers.
First gen are literally gone from earth, that’s ok.

But how to order the second gen? I tried looking around to no avail… What am I doing wrong?

which oculuas do you have ?

Original CV1, I read it’s compatible with the 2nd Gen. Those with the ring on top.

not sure… just looked and found this https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/gp1oby/do_rift_s_controllers_work_with_the_cv1/

I think your only chance would be ebay …


Meta Quest 2 & Pro Accessories | VR Accessories | Meta Quest on the offical site they have a left controller… but no right and its £69

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Cheers mate, sounds good!
I can probably pair it with a second hand (HA!) right hand controller.

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I got a set for Christmas off amazon from my wife. 2nd hand but brand new in box.


Ach, I tried to google them but to no avail. Not available anymore.
Well, not in Italy or Germany at least…
Where do you live?

once you get some hand controllers… for the love of god… do not buy beat saber … you will never see your pc again, the wife and daughters love it :grin:

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not sure if they deliver in europe though

HARHARHAR! Ok promised!
Oh, btw, I played the free “Aircar” and I just can’t get enough!

It’s Bloody Brilliant!
A free rendition of what it feels like to drive an… well… Aircar of course- like those of Blade Runner!
Absolutely fantastic!


I liked it a lot, reminds me of Gpolice for ps1 iirc or Sega :blush:


Same here. I just get somewhat sick when I fly it too much like like a heli.

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