Oculus Quest 2 downloading issue

Hey guys, this is my first post here!
I want to ask you about an issue I can’t overcome. I haven’t yet contacted support thinking that I can solve it faster by asking people on forums. I read that many people have trouble with Oculus support so I’m scared.
The problem I’m facing is that I bought Demeo to play with my friends but the installation can’t be completed for some reason. It shows me the downloading process is queued but it doesn’t seem to work. No matter how much I wait, the download gets halted for some reason.
Yes, I restarted the device, I removed Demeo from installation queue and also refunded and bought again. It doesn’t work. I have no idea why. My internet connection is stable, all my other devices work just fine. The chat on the Quest 2 also works flawlessly.
So, what’s happening?

Hi there, @Undegrindina and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

I don’t have a Quest 2 but maybe @Elby knows anything?

The only thing I can think of is storage space on the headset?


I was thinking storage space too. You made me check out Demeo though … looks really fun if you’re into D&D type boardgames! If you have a beefy PC you could grab the Steam version and run it via Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop. I find Quest 2 graphics twice as good when I stream from the PC as opposed to using the Quest 2 internals but then again I have a 3080 and a pretty nice CPU.

I’m sure there are other Quest 2 owners here but then again I think my Quest 2 antics at this site are what brought you here in the first place. :wink:


I still have a safe 50 GB free on my Quest 2. And yes, Elby’s vast knowledge is talked about even in the deepest seas and furthest fields. Even Zucc is rumored to be scared of Elby’s prowess!

I guess I’ll just contact support and see how this can be solved. My laptop is not beefy enough, sadly. Maybe one day…

Thanks for your answers!

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