Oculus Quest Link

What are you’re guys thoughts on the new Quest headset with the possible of a “Link” cable to essentially make it operate as the rift s?

Doesn’t the Quest have better optics than the Rift S? Will this extinct the S?

I tried the rift s out earlier this year and then refunded it for reasons posted elsewhere, but my son saved his money and bought one again. Wondering if I should tell him to get the Quest with a link cable instead.

Also l, strangely enough I haven’t experienced VR sickness like I did the first time. Maybe I should have just stuck with it?

I just tried a Quest a couple of hours ago, and can report that the display seems to be really good. Very nice blacks in Space Pirate Trainer and Beat Saber.
With the caveat that it’s been two months since I sold my Rift S, I think the Quest feels very similar comfort wise, didn’t really notice the extra weight up front. And man it’s liberating to get rid of the cable in games like those mentioned above.
If the link cable turns out to be good, I believe Quest is the HMD to get, if you’re going for the most bang for the buck.

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Here’s a comparison between the Rift, Rift S and Quest w link.

I have read that the Quest w link falls somewhere between the Rift and Rift S, but this may change once Oculus releases the dedicated link cable.