Oculus Rift CV1 two sensors and associate gamepad FS

Its got to be UK only I’m afraid, sold a few bits and bobs here, it cost a bit and some working out to a gent in SA for a Yoke, with Brexit 2021 (and i wish it were not so) even posting to Europe is not viable anymore now :frowning:

But for anyone in UK my Oculus Rift CV1 and all that came with it is for sale now, not used much … my neck is broken, just wanted to try it, original box ETC … no idea of its value anymore? shall we say £90 delivered to UK address only please, two sensors included, MS Gamepad and hand sensors, as much as came with package really.

Any pics needed, any questions, please ask :+1:


Wish you had posted this before Christmas mate. Good luck with sale :+1:


I think that’s a really good deal. I am thinking of getting shot of mine as well. I want a g2 and a 3080.
@b12 has hit the money on the head here for anyone thinking of buying in my opinion

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And we’re in serious lockdown again, not allowed out am told, damn, offer still stands though, some of my pals work in essential services and can get it posted, otherwise gotta ride this current major UK/Scotland lockdown again that could go on for a month or so? Still if we need another lockdown, now is the time to do it, winter time, back to normal or near normal by Spring hopefully.

Offer still stands to UK only for postage reasons though, one way or another will get any UK postage done for this package with as little delay as possible … with a little help from my local friends who always offer to help me in these dire times :slight_smile:

Wont accept any payment until i can give a definite postage time, no worrys that way.

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If you need any supplies or anything during the lockdown @B12 give me a shout. I can send or if I am passing can leave at the end of the driveway for you


Thanks Victor my friend, OK though, still good for priority slots from Asda and Tesco home grocery delivery … I do appreciate the offer though buddy :mudspike:

This new UK lockdown has surprised me how quick it happened, it looks like its going to be harsher in terms of outdoor freedom, perhaps because of current winter months? last lockdown was in spring of 2020, and that never really worked that well … its a worry!! argh … we’ll get through it though, confident of that.

Take care everyone and stay safe, this curse is having another go at us it seems … bring on the vaccines … I miss normal life now so much, really do :a6:

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