Oculus Rift S for sale ****SOLD****

SOLD. No longer available

Selling my Rift S VR due to an upgrade. This is a great first time VR HMD. MSRP $399. Bought it last year inJuly 2019. Like new. No damage. Fully functional. Latest firmware update. Before I put it on ebay, thought I’d try to keep it within the Mudspike family.

PM me or comment here any questions.


Where are you at and what sort of price are you thinking of?

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Not interested in buying because I own it, but will vouch for the headset. Rift S is a great piece of gear. If you were on the fence about VR, this is probably the best headset to get.


If you don’t have luck selling it, I believer someone mentioned it make a great guacamole dip bowl. :grimacing:

No really, somebody posted that once.


Agree. I don’t regret getting one.

Jeebus, I wish I had the money… except you probably are in the states and the shipping alone would kill me.

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