Oculus Rift + touch price drop

Great opportunity to pick up The Rift with or without controllers.

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Only $1,091 CAD before tax!


Man thats not to far off from console territory… well at least launch prices for consoles lol

Are you sure Rhino? If I get to checkout on oculus.com with Canada set to the country I get to $818 CAD including tax and delivery?

Vive is in the $1200 CDN territory still.

I think the Vive price will stay high. HTC makes money selling hardware, while Facebook want to make money selling either software in their store or ‘ad per eyeball’ (eventually). Valve basically just sits there philosophizing.

Maybe the HTC Vive 2 will be a price change point (which will be earlier than the Rift refresh) or some other Vive-clone will swoop in soon, like a cheap play of something like LG is doing, Vizio or Magnavox VR :wink:

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My bad! I didn’t actually go to the cart, I was just viewing the front page and it was just .com, so I assumed it was the US price.

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Indication of v2 coming soon? :imp:

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Not for a couple of years…

I’d like to hope the same, but cant gamble on that possibility.

The other thing is that sales have slowed down and they need revenue to pay that lawsuit they lost.

I don’t think $500 million is going to phase Facebook too much.

And in this article - 2 years at least before Oculus Gen 2.

Yep, it didn’t make a blip in the revenue ocean:

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said the verdict was “not material to our financials” in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday.

Must be nice to ignore paltry sums like that…

Just a drop in a very large bucket. :wink: