Oculus sued for 500 million + possible injunction

Just found this report, NSFW as the presenters use an occasional swear word or two.

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Dunno, Oculus is backed by Facebook. I’d guess 500 Million$ is a little bump.
Since I can’t watch the video at work, the injunction would be…?

Its a proposed injunction - not been through the courts yet, but its for the halt of sales basically.

From what I understand:

  1. the $500 million judgement is the only part of the suit that succeeded and is/will be appealed - this part found that Oculus was guilty of breaking an NDA, and ocopyright/trademark infringement in use of the Zendimax code and logos;
  2. the other part of the suit, the part that Zendimax did not win, was the misappropriated trade secrets part and that would have been $5.5 billion;
  3. general understanding is that if they had won the second part an injunction would have been easy but because they only won the first part, an injunction is going to be a difficult argument to make;

Of course, there are appeals for everyone involved and it will take a few more years to sort this out.

[Oculus, execs liable for $500 million in ZeniMax VR trial | Ars Technica]
(Oculus, execs liable for $500 million in ZeniMax VR trial | Ars Technica)

My Oculus might become a collectors item! Yay! LMAO. Seriously, this could sink Oculus. I am not happy about that.

Should have bought a viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive>

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It’ll be fine, money-wise.

We spoke with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg about the lawsuit. She said that it was “not material” to Facebook’s business. “We’re disappointed in certain elements of the decision and we’re considering our options to appeal,” she added.

When she say’s ‘not material’ she means that Facebook took $5.88 billion in revenue the last quarter and that they have $60 billion cash on hand assets and made $23.4 billion in pure profit in 2016. They’ll be ok.