Official Inaugural Mudspike Christmas Flight thread



That’s some Mudspike-ingenuity right there! Keep us posted, @fearlessfrog! We’re all rooting for you!

(Psst, @BeachAV8R. If frog doesn’t make it back, can I get his office?)


I’ve calculated my quasiprobability odds, and it says here “2³²-1”. It certainly feels like I’m in a Fock state right now. :smile:


We just couldn’t handle all the cold up in Canadia, so we decided to make Christmas happen early so we can get the heck home.

Congrats, Mudspike! It’s your very own Concorde!

The paint job needs a few tweaks, but we figured we could do that someplace where our margaritas won’t freeze in our hands.

Despite the amazing new paintjob, Concorde is still a handful to get started. I have another INS alignment issue which delays pushback 10 minutes. That time was all that was necessary for the weather to deteriorate - a light snow starts falling on the airfield.

I’ve filed IFR, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to fly in ANY weather. A quick check of the current conditions tells me I should be fine once I get up in the air.

Is there some rule of thumb about not being able to see the other end of the runway? Good thing I don’t know it.

And, vroom! We’re outta there!

Just like the flight up, my hands are busy during the very quick ascent, trying to maintain center of gravity with the fuel system, but we’re on top and cruising at M 0.95 pretty quickly.

“This is the worst inflight movie EVER.”
“No, they could have played Bio-Dome”.
“Ah, good point.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just crossed the US Canadian border into the United States. Please feel free to take out any weapons you may have carried on, and your sense of entitlement.”

The weather looks ucky out the cockpit window, but the weather at KTUS looks good. Just have to keep trucking.

Another early Christmas present was I bought myself Orbx’s FTX Global to get some better views in between airports. Here’s another shot of the Grand Canyon. Compare it to the shot earlier in this post. The final pic isn’t really all that great, but it’s world’s better than the default.

During descent, I somehow let the fuel panel get away from me, and I spend most of the descent switching valves off and on and then off again. What a mess! I’m able to avoid a serious CG excursion but that was way too much stress. I gotta stick to supersonic flights from here on out!

It may take an expert eye to see it, but this panel says “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

One moment I’m looking at the fuel panel, the next moment it’s completely dark in the cockpit. Wuuuut?

Must have just flown into a large cloud - weather still looks good at KTUS.

Once I get out of the clouds, the weather is great, if a little bumpy.

Visibility for miles! 10+, to be exact.

Configured for landing…

Touchdown and reversers!

Home sweet home!

So there it is, the Mudspike Concorde is now officially home! You guys are all welcome to borrow it the next time you’re in Tucson. Except, @BeachAV8R: no tundra tires, ok? :wink:


Yeah…but you have to pay the fumigation costs…

Right on! That’s what I’m talking about. Can you mount triple ejector racks on it??

Me…I had one of those nights in the real airplane where you are just happy to get it back in the hangar. Driving around at turbulent air penetration speed and hoping you don’t poke your nose into the wrong thing. Always a great thing when Atlanta departure says: “Two-ten Charlie Mike…just to let you know…we had two aircraft report lighting strikes in the past twenty minutes just south of your location…” Bzzzt…flash…bzzt…flash…o’rly??

T’was all worth it though. Patient got delivered, and I had a fine blackened grouper at the Downwind. 10/10 would do again…




As it so happens, Santa has just delivered a couple of those hat racks to the Ms.’ at Nalchik!



So I’m looking for something that I can glide to the North Pole. In the spirit of the challenge, I don’t want to put a big engine on something and cheat.

There must be something with a similar glide ratio to the Wright Flyer?


Ok, now to get to a polar orbit and run the numbers to hit that grotto right on…

Link for anyone that wants to try too:

3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2017
2nd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight AAR Thread

Alrighty…I’m gonna try again…that weather is definitely moving in…


If you pass over a brown piece of canvas, wood and sharp wire about 10 miles north of the field then please wave. :wave:


Should I drop a survival kit?

And yeah…the weather is definitely not improving…LOL…gonna be an interesting couple of days…


It’s ok, I’ve got a tweed hat.

Only ‘heavy snow, Blowing snow’, so that’s pretty much Canadian Spring up there. :snowman:


METAR Report for Igloolik (CYGT), Igloolik, Canada looks pretty good…except for the fact that it’s over 7 hours old…uh…well, we’ll take a look and see what we see. We have enough fuel to miss the approach and head elsewhere…

CYGT 232100Z 29011KT 15SM FEW040 M33/M37 A2974 RMK SC1 -27.7/-35.6/0.0/29/ TR LOOSE LAST STFD OBS NEXT 24 1000Z SLP081 DENSITY ALT MISG


Arrived safely in Igloolik - the weather must not have caught up to here yet…because it was pretty nice…!

Next up is Clyde River (CYCY) on the edge of the Davis Strait separating Canada from Greenland…283 nm on this next leg…



Arrived…not so safely at Clyde River (CYCY). The airport there has a bit of a drop off at the beginning of the runway…and if you don’t time your flare to hit the slope on the rise…well…you can damage your aircraft. Which I did… LOL… So I’ll put the plane in the hangar tonight at CYCY and see if I can’t get the damaged engine fixed up…

Just a hop away from Greenland now!


I love you guys, a years worth of reading in 1 thread. I cant do any flying while so much real life stuff remains to be done. For now I give you my Christmas HIP flight with presents


Alrighty…off for Qikiqtarjuaq (say that five times fast!)…CYVM

Unable to secure parts for my striken engine…so it will be a 3-engine ferry flight…



Ha watching you flying at 103 Knots and the SR71 2200 Knots :smile:


LOL…I just saw that on the real time map…SR-71…he must be running late with his Christmas deliveries!


METAR CYVM 241500Z 02020KT 5SM IC DRSN OVC080 M19/M22 A2985

Had to look up the DR part of DRSN = Drifting Snow…LOL…


Arrived alive on my 3-engine transit. Now we are starting to get into some good terrain…with hills and mountains up to 8,000’. Time to get serious about paying attention to minimum sector altitudes and minimum safe altitudes within 100 and 25nm of the airport…

A careful circle to land into the wind…

I’ve been lucky with good ceilings and vis…the flat white terrain could be tough to fly in during certain white-out type conditions…

Gonna unload the eggnog on the runway so I don’t go sliding off down the slippery hill… Also letting a mechanic put the part on that was FedEx’d and will give me my #2 engine back…

Ran into some “thunder snow” on this leg…

Using the asymmetric thrust takeoff technique. On a slippery surface such as snow/ice…if you just jam the three throttles forward, the plane will weathervane into the dead engine. Instead, match the throttles for the opposite side operative engines to provide equal thrust, then, when rudder authority is reached, start rolling the third engine thrust in, countering with more rudder.

Next leg is our hop over the Davis Strait to Greenland!



Hmm…no weather reporting for BGSS (Sisimiut, Greenland)… Gonna have to wing it…nearest METAR is from about 80 miles away and looks pretty good…

BGSF 241552Z 2415/2422 06008KT 9999 FEW200 TEMPO 2421/2422 BKN085