Ok, now what guys?

So I’ve hit the buy button, but the DLC confusion has set in:

  • For ATS, it’s easy - I’m getting the FREE Arizona map and not paying for the wheel DLC. My lug nuts are fancy enough, thank you. :mudspike:
  • For Elite, it’s a little more complicated, though a couple of the choices seem obvious:

The Commander Pack and PIlot Starter kits sound like they just add cosmetics - skins, textures, and a … “Male Pilot Bobblehead”? I can’t see why I’d want to spend money on these. Anybody have any other insights?

I can’t tell if Horizon Seasons Pass is a good deal or not. Seems like it opens the door (perhaps literally?) for exploring planet surfaces, but is this worth it? Does the Seasons Pass give me future DLC as well?

What are your thoughts?


First thought is don’t play for more than two hours, as you can refund them and wait the 2 4 (four!) more days until the start of the Steam Summer Sale. :fearful:

Second thought is I’m happy you’ve got Elite, as I think you’re going to like it and I need to wing up with someone to make me play more. :slight_smile:

Horizons is the only additional Elite thing you need, as it is basically the way of saying ‘New Features we add this year’. This includes planetary landings and the like. If you like Elite then you’ll want Horizons, and to be honest I’m not exactly in love with how they bundle this, it’s confusing and costly. The way to think of it I guess is that Elite+Horizons = cost of Elite as a game. One heads-up though is that next year there will be another season pass and another $30 (guessing) to pay. :money_with_wings:

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If you are buying elite, you should only have to buy the horizons. Consider each expansion a season pass for the year.

So those that buy horizon, get all previous stuff in elite. If you wait until next season, then purchasing that will give you all previous season content.

So just buy horizons.

For me horizons is worth it for the planetary play. It adds a lot to the game.

So if you didn’t buy horizons, refund what you have now and just buy ELITE DANGEROUS HORIZONS. that will give you all the latest content to the end of this season.


I don’t think that is correct anymore @Bogusheadbox. Frontier updated how Steam and their version is packaged. You require Elite as a base game before buying Horizons. For a while they did have Horizon’s as a stand-alone game, but as that caused so much confusion they changed it to pure DLC.

Official info on that change from February onwards (I think):


The bundled ‘Deluxe Edition’ that includes the base and Horizons will probably be cheaper in about 4(?) days from now in the sale too, although you get the ‘bobblehead tax’ that way :slight_smile: it might still be worth it.


Yeah, wait for summer sale. Starting on June 23.:grinning:


ooooh really. well lookie at that. There you go.

I stand corrected. Yep get the bundle if its on sale. horizons is worth it


Bang for buck- leave out the skins and bobblehead thing- just get base game and Horizon.
There´s always going to be time to buy skins.

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Horizons right now is planetary and engineers updates. There are 2-3 more to come before the next season pass. I’d say worth it personally.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I’m going to get the refund, wait for the sale, then get Elite + Horizons!




@EinsteinEP you better have it loaded up… the 'verse is awaiting your arrival.


Purchased, downloaded, and installed. Both E:D and Horizons. Just need to play, now!


When you first start up in Open, let us know what starting system it allocates you (there are only a couple it usually uses). I’ll head there, as not that far out at the moment.

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Ditto. I can bring some valuables too to help get you started.

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Plus, do the tutorial’s (docking etc) while working out your best control bindings. I’ve actually lost more ships to unplugged HOTAS and ‘winging it’ getting out of a station with unmapped controls than pirates :slight_smile:

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ready to go… Make sure you add us to friends. Have ships will travel… C’mon man you know you want to. Get on TEAMSPEAK NOOOOOOOOW
or whenever takes your mood.

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I’m off in a bit to go watch Ian Malcolm and Lone Star save the world again. But I can be on later tonight.

I might just hop on later too