Older Saitek panels these days

Owned these Saitek panels for quite some time, 2 x Radio Panels, a Multi Panel and Switch Panel with Saitek BIP panel at bottom, they were sitting around gathering dust, half thought of selling them. , not bad gear though.

Got going and built a basic modular panel … with room for my old VR Insight GP5 unit at top too.

Plugged it all in again and nothing worked … actually, most of it was recognised hardware Win 10 wise as expected at this stage, so another wee reboot to make sure … and I went looking for drivers again.

Hard work! Soon re-discovered SPAD neXt, what a fantastic bit of software, got the top four panels working again in FSX, P3D and XP11 in no time, BIP panel is supported and I’ll do that today …

My VR Insight GP5 too (GPS screen and working) was always tricky for FSX, but back in day, got it working in full FSX screen mode, vs native non full screen mode … VR Insight from S Korea made some great FS perhip’s, but the software was always grim IMHO.

Hopefully i can get this working again in modern sims with more than one screen support.

Perhaps they have new software, better user friendly software now, hope so … will go check after this.

Will any of this work in forthcoming FS2020? I sincerely hope so and it wont be for the want of a little nagging and prompting here and there :slight_smile:

Believe it not, have a full suite of old Satek FIP lcd gauges, (12 of them) looks like these will work in Spad neXt no probs too, was planning to sell them, gonna have to test them before I sell em I suppose … we’ll see.

My Saitek panels are a keeper though, maybe not the best ones in the world, but they still work and that’s good :slight_smile:

Incidentally, the Saitek Radio Panels, the rotaries are silly small diameter, utterly stupid idea IMHO and testers were ignored, changed them for “off the shelf” larger diameter dials … what a difference, easy cheap fix too.


Hmmm…when I ordered my monster rig a while back, I had some conversation with the PC company about fixes to get one of my Saitek panels (Landing gear and buttons)…however, ever since I got into VR I haven’t used it. If I can find the paperwork I’ll reply again.

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