On this day in 1983 I became a Metallica fan for life... story

There are a few things in my life I remember the day well. IE: Joining the Army, 1st day of boot camp, meeting my now wife of 31 years for the first time, losing our first child at birth, the birth of our other 2 girls, the morning of 9/11, the day my youngest crashed her scooter and airlifted to hospital, the Berlin wall coming down, (I was there) … Good and bad things, days I remember in detail. One less important day I remember happened on this day in 1983, I was a Junior in high School…

True story:

On this day in 1983 I just got out of school when my friend and fellow metal head called me and said, get over here now got a new band I want you to listen too. We went into his house he put on the record, and we lit up a joint. We listened to the whole album 2 times, recording it on the 2nd play to cassette tape.

Later that evening we picked up another 2 friends, Kevin and Justin. Road down to Clearwater Beach playing the music loud in Gary’s 1967 Mustang. We were looking for a fight like the music told us. We found a bunch of jocks and the fight was on, we got our ass’s kicked BTW. lol… but then we drove away jamming the music more loving the fight even thou we lost. Metallica fan ever since, even have the song “Seek and Destroy” tattoo’ed on my arm.

Thanks for letting me share. Metal on!


Obviously it had a great impact on you if you remember the exact date!

That said…you were still in school at the end of July? Or were you in summer school?

F*ckin’ A @Magnum50 :metal:

I remember them taking on Trujillo on bass. They presented him with a million dollar signing bonus right there at the table! Class act and that guy is one of the most badass bassists I’ve ever seen.



Great story bro, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Oh That’s Awesome!!! I can relate as I was a senior in High School in ‘82…The band for me was AC/DC…The Main Cruiser was my Cousin’s 70’ Chevelle SS 396ci…We used to sneak into Hotel Pools or go to the Beach and get in fights with The Lifeguards[HighSchool Off Season Football Players] That usually didn’t go well!! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: Glory Days!!!