Opinions - crew visible in aircraft?

So I have a few aircraft in my inventory that I absolutely love. The JAR A320neo, the Mu-2, and the FlyJSim Q400, 737, and 727, the An-24, Mi-2… One quirk that they all have…that grates on me…is that they don’t have cockpit crew visible from the external viewpoints. I know…for realism sake…you should be flying from the virtual cockpit only…but I use external views extensively for AARs and magazine articles.

What do you think?

  • Yes - visible crew should be included in 3D models.
  • No - the cockpit should be empty.
  • Meh - I have no opinion.

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I know I biased the poll with my opinion…but just curious…


Visiable from external yes but I hate it when they are visiable for inside the pit.


Yeah…same opinion…I don’t need to see a Minecraft type pilot sitting next to me.



I’d like to add that they should have animation.

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I’d choose “Users should have the option to have the crew visible in the cockpit.”

Same for AI aircraft, ground equipment, etc.