Opinions on You Tube TV?

I’ve had Comcast/Infinity for almost 30 years, been a great service. But at 250 bucks a month, and really not gaming that much anymore, and really not watching much TV either, just a couple local channels I’ve decided to CUT THE CORD.

I’m looking into Verison Home Internet 5G for 50 bucks a month, and maybe You Tube TV Basic for 70 bucks. I don’t MP rarely at all anymore, and the gaming I do, do is usually SP. And I do watch a lot of You Tube about motorcycles and guns, and like I said a local broadcast or too.

Any experiences or opinions on You Tube YV and even Verison Home Internet???


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Overall happy with YT TV. Especially the lower cost overall. For now.

Had satellite up until a couple of years ago (cable not an option; cost nearby where it was was available about the same). went from $180 (US) a month with 999+ channels I didn’t watch to…not sure how many channels YT TV has cus I still don’t watch any of them (or very rarely), but only $65 a month.

Used my existing internet service.

So, does YT TV have what you want? They seem to have greatly expanded their selections in just the last couple of years. The Decider, my wife, found on YT TV what she wanted.

I pretty much sift through YT for things that interest me; Doubt I’d have YT TV if just me. No issues so far.