Original Diablo on PC released via GOG

Not that it may be popular here at Mudspike, but the original Diablo PC game has a special place in my heart. Not only was it a awesome game, and I played the hell out of it back when released… I still think it’s better then 2 and 3, more simple… but most to my heart is my now adult daughter sitting on my lap and telling me where the monsters were coming from, then hitting the health key whenever the “red ball got low”, lol…

10 bucks on GOG… the opening and start…


Played the hell out of that game with my sister back in the day. Still got it installed, in fact – only 13.1MB!

The multiplayer was probably the most entertaining bit though, even as limited as it was.

It’s an absolute classic.

It got a quick mention in the Deals topic, so it’s not just fly-boys here @Magnum50 :slight_smile: