Osprey incident

I had not heard about this. What a situation…with an incredible recovery and an unfortunate loss of life…


Nice fine, Beach. I recall hearing about an incident, but not the details. Very interesting read!

Yeah. But sad that the one guy didn’t live.
Although I wonder… why did he jump into the water with a flak vest on? IIRC you can just pull a cord somewhere (at least on some of them) and get rid of that thing pretty quickly.

And I wonder what will happen to the pilot. Perhaps won’t get many compliments for saving the aircraft because (I guess) it were failed checks that got them into that situation in the first place. That has to be a checklist item.

If you read the other article linked in this article, it says the life preserver equipment the two crewmen had failed to inflate automatically, like they were supposed to. The crew members were trying to manually inflate the vest - one guy got his half inflated, the other guy went under while trying to inflate his.

A series of unfortunate events, to be sure.

To be honest I didn’t have the time to read the full article until now.
Now I did. Really tragic. :frowning: