Our favorite space marine passes

While taking on roles that were not always heroic, not many would argue that Bill Paxton didn’t add special character, sarcasm, and whit to most of those.

Perhaps being cast in both Aliens and Predator steeled him for the lead in Big Love. You try keeping that many women happy while your world comes tumbling down around you.

Regardless, RIP Bill and thank you for many memorable moments that you shared with us.


I’ve always enjoyed his work. Was sad to see he died so young. I haven’t seen any news as to why he was in surgery and what was the complication. Coincidentally have been watching the series “Big Love” on HBO, started fourth season the other day. He was a consummate professional. RIP Mr. Paxton.

Sad to hear that. Rip Bill Paxton.

RIP Bill

“Game over! Game over, man!”

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I suppose that it really was “game over”. Fitting tribute by James Cameron…


So it was heart surgery he was in for. In memory of him I actually watched Aliens the other night. Such a good movie, such a good performance.