Out with the old, in with the new sale... GoPro7 huge pack, Xbox One X pack, Camera etc etc

Cleaning out the old closet again, most of the stuff I’m selling was replaced with newer, better models… Great prices for Sim fans here, on ebay and facebook, asking much more.

Go Pro Hero 7 pack, and I’m talking HUGE, bargain stealing pack. I’ve recently upgraded to the Hero 9’s and Max, which as luck would have it comes with newer size batteries and cases.

So, selling 2 Hero 7 Black camera, 2 of the old session camera, and tons of extras, pretty much everything they made I have, multi batteries, chargers, all kinds of mounts, K9 harness, chest, head, gun, fishing pole, car mounts, poles, sticks tri-pods. Camera filters, GoPro seeker bag, cases… 100’s of clips, hooks and whatever… 10+ years of Gopro crap, most rarely used, lol. All working, good order. All you see here.

The whole pack, $600 including shipping in US. The bag itself is 200, the Hero 7 Blacks are current 250 each… this is a insane deal, and a honest one.

Xbox One X with the high end M$ Elite 2 controller, and a wireless Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset with mic for Xbox. (I have another Xbox One X… and selling this one so my wife will let me get the newest next gen Xbox One Series when available, lol.) All wires, charges etc etc…

$200 shipping included in US only.

Canon Rebel Ti camera set, lens, bag etc etc… SOLD!!!

Haven’t used this since newer gopro’s and newer smart phones, great camera, 2 lens, bag.

$150 including shipping to US.

and finally… still trying to get this out of my closet, hell even offered it all free, no one claimed it… probably thinks it’s a scam, I would. lol

Saitek X52 flight stick, rarely used, and including Janes Longbow 2 and F15 with a usb cd/dvd reader. FREE, will ship to US… will also give it and them to anyone who buys anything above, if you want it.

Contact me via PM if intrested… Prices are firm and a steal, buy them from me on ebay and most are almost double in price. :wink:


I wish I lived in the US at this moment.


If it helps spark a sale from another fence-sitter, I am seriously eying the gopro combo. Probably what I would do is keep a Hero and some accessories and ebay the rest. Seems kind of a waste. But like you said @Magnum50 you are offering a very good deal.

Was thinking the same thing @smokinhole

well I still have 2 gopro hero 9 blacks and the max… all use new batteries and new frames.

I’m putting the pack on ebay/facebook market for 800 plus shipping, the deal price is just for fellow mudspike-ers.


The Rebel was a steal at that price. Someone got a real bargain there!

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