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Now also updated for P3D V4, world NavAids database…


Maybe not significant in some parts of the world, but there sure are some differences IRL in South America where closed down NDBs and new VORs are concerned from the stock P3D setup. :slight_smile:


It’s actually very easy.

Look in the VC section of the F-22’s cockpit cfg. It’ll be some sort of HUD! gauge. You can copy that text into the F-16 VC section and then scale it to fit.


FSUIPC5 for P3D V4 is out.



Thank you for all the info in this thread - very helpful :slight_smile:

I’ll get v4 after the general election (today) - when Sterling is sure to recover it’s value after recent drops. makes it a little less expensive for the 4th time.


I bought it just now but I have a question about FSUIPC 5. Anyone know if this will operate the same way as v4 - where you can install it just for the add-ons that need it, or pay for it and get the full package?

I ask because I paid for v4 and though I used it a lot to start with, in my latest installs I haven’t used the extra functions at all (it doesn’t recognise my throttle for some reason, though P3D does), so I would go back to the basic mode for now.



I haven’t tried it that way, but check this thread. There is a lot of info about version 5.x


Thanks. I’ve just installed v4 (and FSUIPC 5 - looked through the docs but no clue, but I guess it must have the same set-up as before, else people would have to buy it to use many add-ons).

I really liked it - in VR it was initially good, but after swapping planes a few times, problems started appearing and after a while the left and right views weren’t synchronised and gave me some nasty eyestrain.

Was the first time I have been able to see the Connie in VR, as I have never got it to work in FlyInside.

The future looks good :slight_smile:


I think here is the key take-away from the version 5 release.

This is the 64-bit equivalent to 4.967 above, but it is an ongoing development with many parts still missing.

This is probably why a number of functions are inoperable in Dino’s F-35A/B/C.


I’ve spent some time testing add-ons in VR today. It’s a mixed bag - most of the aircraft that don’t work seem to be a texture issue. For example the freeware Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat, which worked perfectly in P3Dv3 with FlyInside, doesn’t appear. You can hear it all working just fine, and the lights are there (nav, strobe etc) but the aircraft image itself is missing.

That goes for all views. I had the same with the A2A WoP A6M5 Zero. These are older models, of course, especially the Zero.

I also had issues switching aircraft - P3Dv4 would invariably crash once I changed to a different aircraft. I’m also finding the scenery textures very light and washy in VR, and some of the models textures, too. The Alphasim B-24 Liberator actually worked well, but the textures were way too light. I had this with the Alphasim Blenheim in P3Dv2 - and Dave Garwood sent me an updated model file, which sorted the problem very well, so it wasn’t the actual textures that were at fault, but some setting in the aircraft model. I don’t know my way around them well enough to have any idea about that.

Tom Piglet’s A-29B Tucano worked excellently, v4 and VR, as did the Icarus Gladiator - though I realised the FM is really awful in that, so I won’t fly it again. Had it for years and never realised!

Although the sim is running very smoothly, the VR view sticks on occasion, and the view through the canopy is often poor - as if someone had cleaned it and left it smeary.

YMMV :slight_smile:


Is there any consensus on how to install P3D v3 scenery into v4 if the installer hasn’t yet been updated? I purchased the iBlue Yonder Nantucket Island scenery today (I used to fly into there regularly in a previous job) (it was on sale and I had a $5 off coupon) but it only has installers up to v3.


Ah…found this from the developer:

“Work is progressing on the conversion to P3D4. We had to put a hold on things to prepare for FlightSimCon 2017, but once this weekend is over, it’s back to work. If it were just a matter of updating the installer it would have been done by now, but there’s another layer of complexity in that we’re converting the viva.dll functionality to use SODE for the seasonal and conditional display, and that’s taking a little longer. It should be done soon.”


I finally found some time to dabble with my “Lighting” tab and sliders…bumping down the saturation and reducing the bloom had a very nice result…got rid of the “Barbara Walters glow” and hit the right balance with colors… Here is ORBX England around the Lake District… Running Active Sky for P3D v4…

And one Norway ORBX…


Very nice beach. Will need to try those settings. ORBX England is a must-have if flying in the area. Otherwise it tends to look like Napa.


So, tonight a friend stopped by who has 2500+ hours in the Twin Otter. I set him up on P3DV4 flying around San Diego, doing pattern work at KSAN in the Aerosoft DH-6. I wanted to get his opinion on the flight model. Unfortunately, he was having trouble adjusting to TrackIR and was so distracted, that he couldn’t begin to evaluate the aircraft. I disabled TrackIR, but when that experience was a little less than immersive, I put him under the Oculus “hood”. We joked about it, because many moons ago he was my CFI and had me do a bunch of hood time in route to my Private check ride. Now I was putting him under the hood.

Anyway, he quickly came to grips with the VR environment and was really blown away by the experience. He was also very complementary of the Aerosoft FM and systems, saying that the sounds and response of the turbines was spot on. He enjoyed it so much, I had a hard time getting him out of the chair.


I’ve just been doing it the old fashioned way, dropping the folders in Addon Scenery and then adding it to the scenery library in game. So far so good. Makes sense that LM would make an attempt to support all of the add-on scenery. But unsure if this is a good strategy.

Edit: discussion here…


Yeah…I read that thread…and got thoroughly confused by all the XML talk. :laughing:


That’s really cool. I don’t have the Aerosoft Otter, so I don’t have any thoughts on it, but if they nailed the turboprop modeling, that is a good thing. Traditionally, most turboprops in FSX/P3D have been modeled as good as they can with output numbers, but they are all almost universally sort of laggy on power response. I recently reviewed the Carenado Conquest and it was a marvelous beast and had numbers that very closely matched the book (with regards to fuel flow, power, speed)…but those Garrett TPE331s they modeled suffered from the slight lag. It is just a hurdle that most developers settle on living with…

Speaking of VR…several of the pilots in my pilot group were asking if I was going to bring back my computer to one of the staff meetings…they really enjoyed it…


My too. I think that the take-away in that article is that we have some reading to do :slight_smile: One person suggested

(on my system) C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Learning Center.chm and going to SDK> ADD-ons>Add-on Packages. But there is also good info in World>Scenery Library.


The seemed laggy to me, so I deferred to an expert. He might have been so blown away by the VR experience that his memory was clouded, but I’m taking his word :slight_smile: It was really fun to hear him to all of the checks, “Gear down and welded.”

Edit: he said that 40 torque / 76 rpm were good general purpose numbers.


So as a bit of a test bed, I’m installing that free Heron’s Nest scenery that has an installer for FSX/SE/P3D v2/3 and just pointed the installer manually to the v4 directory. After doing the install, it wants to install SODE(SimObjects Display Engine) and after doing some rooting around, I see that there is a P3D v4 compatible version that has recently been released. So I cancelled the Heron’s Nest portion of the install that wanted to install the old SODE, and instead launched the new version:

1.5.2 version…

Caution - I don’t know if this is a good idea or not…so I’m not endorsing this as a good thing… :wink:

I’m fixing to test the install and see how it went. One thing I am a bit confused about is whether I need to install any version of SimConnect or if it was already installed by P3D v4…(?)

And for those unfamiliar of what exactly SODE does…this is what their FAQ says (I didn’t know what it was, but knew it was used for some complex sceneries):

Key Features:

Jetway Control System
Conditional display and animation, including separation planes
Triggerable display and animation
Controllable animation
Variable-driven rotation

Implementation ideas:

Seasonal display of objects
User triggered opening of hangar doors (no more frequency dialing!)
Runway Lighting with advanced logic (low visibility, daytime)
Custom Jetways