since I seem to be currently having out of memory issues with DCS 2.5 online, i went to change the pagefile size and location. Did I do this right, and will it break anythying? Thanks.

Yes. (Politically Correct answer 2018 edition)

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16000 to 50000 MB … WTF? Do you see that “No paging file option” there. Select THAT! :slight_smile:

Ever since I got 24 GB of RAM two or three years ago I turned off the paging file. No problems to report and for the record, I’d never buy a system without 32 GB from here on out.

Paging files … LOL! Really?!

Since windows keeps stealing space on my C drive I looked at my pagefile size. C drive is allocated 26.9Gb this surely cant be right can it?
I currently have 800Mb left on my 120Gb SSD boot drive :frowning:

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I turned it off the other day on all drives and it actually made the pc feel faster to me. 32gb of ram here too.

Because even if it aint needed for some stupid reason it gets used!

How about just allowing 1gb page file?

If and when the machine starts throwing errors or rashing, ill be sure to report back sir.

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