Paul Allen's Rocket Launching Plane

I looks like they want each side to float independently with any twisting moment managed by a beefy center spar. I wonder which side is the cockpit. Surely they didn’t put controls in both sides with all the commensurate weight and complexity.

The right cockpit has the controls. That is where the pilot sits. The left cockpit has an intercom. That is where the dog sits. The dog is supposed to bark through the intercom if the pilot tries to touch the controls.



…and apparently that’s a T-shirt design. Might need to place an order.


That’s one dapper looking dog. His uniform is pressed better than mine ever is…

When I first saw that thing this was the first thing that came to mind -

"Are we going left? no Right! Left? I said I was flying! We are going right! Ok fine…Left?


Well, i get that, but to me it seems that the second fuselage adds “dead” weight and drag. There is probably no easier way to make it single fuselage and have enough cargo clearance. Would be interesting to pick one of Scaled Composite aero-egineer’s brain.

I thought there’s no such thing as dog?


I think this thing is crazy cool. Glad its still making forward progress.

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Yeah that’s a promising project.
Looking forward to seeing it fly for the first time.