PC Building Simulator?

How am I supposed to play that with a good framerate? :grin:


Does that one have other brands, besides MSI? Is it possible to use it to actually check if your new GFX monster card will fit?

Does it accurately model the bloody knuckles, the utter frustration at trying to get the “easy to route” cables into the “convenient” cable management slots that are never where you actually need them, or (currently) the furious exasperation of watching GPU prices continue to climb?

Sorry, this has me kinda triggered. Don’t mind me, I’ll be over here in the corner hugging my knees and rocking.


I have a GTX 680 that you can have. :sunglasses:

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Let’s go full real


He got some great coverage there! LOL! I can just imagine this person thinking, “Man, these CPU’s require a lot of lube!”. :grin:

Here’s a guy dusting out a PC for good measure …


I’m a bit of a stickler about blowing my tower out every few months. :slight_smile:

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