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Some good stuff in PC Pilot this month… Chris did a great interview with Wags about the Hornet, and a review of the Carenado C90B for X-Plane, as well as an interesting write up on flying into Aosta airport (how do you find the time for all this?) . There is plenty of other stuff in there too, of course.

I get the digital version, mainly because it can be hard to find the magazine in print form over here in the US. It is well worth checking out IMHO.


Glad you liked it. Generally, with the long lead time of the magazine, our content is quite a few weeks behind online information. But PC Pilot is by and large civil aviation simmer readers, so the DCS type content and interviews are good ways to introduce them, keep them up to date, and lure in new combat sim flyers.

The C90B review was painful to write. I was pretty critical of them, but did try to temper it with the whole philosophy of “even though every switch and system isn’t modeled, the plane gives a good feel for what it is like to fly this type of plane…” And to be fair, their product isn’t $60. Stay tuned for the next issue where I’ll be taking a look at the Flight1 B200 v2…

And Aosta was a great find. What a fun little airport. The Challenging Airports feature is hands down my favorite article to write…

Thanks for subscribing!


LOL, yes, I figured you were not overly impressed with it, but then, being an experienced (and current) King Air driver, you will have picked up on many things that most people wouldn’t have a clue about. I have their B200 for XP11 and I get the feeling that it is similarly modeled. Looking forward to the next issue already!

It was a bit eye opening to be honest. I mean, I review all kinds of airplanes for the magazine and sometimes, without having any actual experience in an airplane, you have to assume the developer is modeling things correctly. I mean, I raved about their Do228 because it “felt” right (and I still do love it), but now I can’t be 100% certain that everything is as it should be with that airplane. Which is OK…again, at the $30 price point, I don’t know that we need to know what the volt-meter is supposed to read when you have one engine failed and a current limiter blown. I’ll rail against obvious problems though, like turning one generator off causing both gen lights to illuminate…stuff like that is just plain lazy.

And I like Carenado stuff. I just like it for what it is and have learned to not compare them to PMDG or Aeroworx or something like that…


I read the print version here in the US for quite some time but then dropped it way back because it (at that time) only really covered civilian flight sim market. I actually got back into PC Pilot about two years ago because I noticed them covering more stuff from Rise of Flight, IL-2 BOX and DCS. It is because of that coverage I am back and very much enjoying that coverage.

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You can credit the Editor - Derek Davis for that. He is a huge legacy sim and WWI and WWII sim fan, so he has really widened the scope of the magazine. He loves Falcon 4 and, of course, DCS World. And what is really great is that he is more knowledgeable about the WWII era stuff that I’m absolutely horrible on.


I bought their (Carenado) Pitts S-2S five years ago in preparation for buying my S-1S. It was helpful to get the landing sight picture down. But it flies nothing like a Pitts. In many ways it flies the way we WISH the Pitts flew, rolling like an Extra and climbing like an F-15. Seeing something that you know intimately modeled in a sim will nearly always disappoint.

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I checked the free PC Pilot issue and I like it. I dont have enough time to play so I gues I could at least read.

But it seems it isnt possible to have the issues in PDF format, or is it ?

I think it is locked down so that you can only read it within the app. I can’t blame them for doing that though.

Yeah, I think you are right…it is some sort of proprietary reader app that Key Publishing uses I think. I’ve never used the digital version…I still collect the physical versions even though they rarely print photos of their really sexy authors within. Sigh.

PC Pilot Swimsuit Issue!!! I’m brilliant. Or a calendar. Yeah.


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I surely understand. But the PDF format is so much more convenient for me. Thats why I like Osprey publications.

The HTML5 reader in browser works ok on PC and to some extent on my mobile, will test more and will see ( also the authors photos will help to decide :wink: )

I mean I am not big fan of installed apps.

I finally pulled the trigger on annual subscription. looking forward to the contents.

glad my ebook reader can open that html5 reader thing, so I can live without PDFs for now :slight_smile:


Yes I’m resuscitating this thread but I do have a honest need of someone that actually has this issue of PC Pilot…

Apparently there’s a really cool interview with the man pulling strings at MicroProse and it goes in detail about a new large update for CAP2, news about Falcon 5.0, B17, and more.

I read about that too (saw it on Tim Stone’s site).

Tried to buy issue 147, but seems like it’s not out yet?

Weirdly, I just googled ‘pc pilot issue 147’ and you can ‘preview’ the whole entire issue on the key.aero website. I have no idea why they’re doing that, as I figured the whole point of this kind of story would be get people to buy the magazine to read it - maybe it’s up there in error?

Anyway who knows how it will all shake out, but there are lots of amazing sounding things coming down the pipe from them! Nice pictures in the article too.

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I downloaded the digital edition this morning. Just skimming through the interview, it does sound like Microprose (TNG) are working on some really impressive projects.

What info are you looking for @komemiute ?

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Exactly the MicroProse article.

Looks like @PaulRix has got your back.

Here’s a link where you can buy and download the digital copy, should you need it.

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Yep thanks I can buy it now, tried just a day or two ago and it was still showing #146.

Looks like there’s a little ‘combat flight sim history’ article in there too.

Thanks a lot for that - reading now! :smiley:

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Good to see its a WIP but definitely ambitious.