PC Train Sim Controller For Sale

This is quite heavy, prefer to deal in UK but can ship at extra postage costs if anyone really wants it, used it about once, not my thing really, its fully working, pic as you see but I have box it shipped with and everything that came with it … any questions … please do not hesitate to ask.



Wowza… does that work with any game? I mean that is seen by the PC as a bunch of Axis and buttons, right?

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Oh if only you were in the US! Yeah the shipping would be outrageous sadly.

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I think so (windows can see the buttons and lever axis stuff) I’ll plug it in for a check soon and get back to you, comes with driver CD but I know there is a newer driver online.

LCD on it works for speed ETC and it has a plug for soundcard for horn sound on board this device as it has a speaker as well, though obviously the sim horn sound would still work in windows too.

It was a totally impulsive buy that I never really needed, just like to try new toys I guess ? :slight_smile:

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