Pets of Mudspike


I Bad news - looks like Maxton is missing in action. A few nights ago we had a bad windstorm, rain, thunder and lightning. I was out flying that night and my wife said she should not find Maxton to bring him in. He usually returns home pretty much every evening and spends the night inside. No sign of him for the past 48 hours though. I’ve combed the woods in the neighborhood and put some missing papers out in the area mailboxes. I’m hoping he just got run up a tree by a coyote or dogs or something and he’ll make his way back home, but I’m not too optimistic.


I hope he finds his way home. Cats have amazing senses and orientation skills and can sometimes go off for days, even weeks before coming back.


Do you have a spare litter box that he used recently that you could stick outside? It could help him smell his way home. Fingers crossed he finds his way home!!


My old tom once he reached puberty left home and the first time we where beside ourselves thinking he was gone for good. Turns out he was horny and returned after a fortnight for feeding up and rest. A month later he was away again, this went on for most of his life until his untimely demise to a pack of terriers from the neighbouring farm. Lets hope Maxton is away sewing his oats and RTB’s soon but I feel your pain


I also suggest going outside and shaking a box of his treats at intervals. Its amazing how they will key in on that sound…


Whenever you go outside just give him a holler. He’s probably on a walkabout. My buddy went missing for four days once …



I hope he will return. Fingers crossed!


Yeah…he’s fixed, so he tended not to wander too far. He did get into a scrap a few years ago with something that tore his belly open. I found him bleeding under the car and didn’t think he’d make it, but the vet sewed him back up and he recovered. You’d have thought that would have been a lesson to him to stick around the house.

Keeping an eye on the skies around the neighborhood watching for buzzards. As morbid as that is, I would just like to know one way or the other.


Fookin’ell! I’m not panicking though. My ■■■■■■■ was fixed as well. I have him in my lap as we speak.


Here’s hoping for the best Chris.


So we had a “sighting” today. A lady up the top of the hill from where we live called my cell and said she saw a cat matching Maxton’s description walk in front of her garage. In the five or so minutes it took me to get up there, no sign of him. She felt pretty sure it was him…but she’s pretty old, but it did give me some hope. I called for him on and off all afternoon. The good news is, if he really was up at that house, it is only a few hundred yards away…so he is probably close enough to find his way home if that is his intent. Hopefully he is just on a walkabout to clear his head…LOL… And so far, no buzzards in the area…which again is a good sign perhaps…


Fingers crossed


I think I would’ve been a little disappointed if he hadn’t taken to the ocean like this:


Water dogs are awesome.


Topsail is off-leash until 15 May. We just booked a weekend in May, and hopefully it’ll be warm enough then for us ALL to go swimming.

Not pictured: Prince barking in frustration at the seagulls and pelicans, because he wanted to play with them and they wouldn’t come down to him.


Combing the woods for Maxton. Bad news is we came across a coyote on the hike… Searched under a bunch of sheds and outbuildings in the neighborhood too.


Hope you guys find him Beach or he finds his way back to you.


Thanks - it’s been rough on us. My wife because she was the one who let him out last and she feels responsible (he was always going out and it wasn’t her fault…) and for me because he was a super-special cat since I found him when I was on a med flight five years ago… One of my medical crew let him ride on his shoulder on the way home…


Had a glimmer of hope yesterday when the nearby Animal Control put up this picture. We did some comparisons with our photos…and even though there were some differences, they weren’t stark enough to totally discount it. My wife went today to take a look, and unfortunately, it wasn’t Maxton.


So last ditch effort…putting an advertisement in the newspaper with a reward.


@BeachAV8R , hope you have better luck finding Maxton. I’ve been in a similar situation and it’s definitely not fun.