Pets of Mudspike


Me and an unwilling photo partner


That dog is plotting a coup. Very cat-like.


Stupid sexy @Tankerwade. :wink:


I guess I better explain myself …

You’re a good dog handler @Tankerwade. I wish I could refill that glass for you Mr. sexypants. :smiley:


The NC Art Museum had an outdoor event yesterday geared towards dogs and owners as a fundraiser for an area rescue organization. It was ridiculously hot out there, but somebody had a good time.


I took some video of the dogs with my new phone. Then some software created a montage and present ed me with it, all without any promting from me. Is this A I?
Anyway this is what my phone produced


I wish I was one of your dogs. Those boys live in paradise.


Just saw the trailer for this one, and I think it’s gonna be a must - see for me.

Because yep, definitely descended from wolves:


Sexy cat pose …


“Paint me like one of these french girls…”

/cue Titanic theme/


:right_anger_bubble: Up in the sky! Its a bird, its a plane. Its Super Cat!:right_anger_bubble:…dreaming of going supersonic.


Missy Catnapper -


One of our cats, “Princess”, on her favorite bath mat.


Did she take a Navy shower?


This is my cat. There are many like it, but this is my cat. I will take care of it as it will take care of me. Without my cat, I am useless, without me my cat is useless.

My cat interprets “taking care of me” as allowing my continued existence and well… She is kinda useless. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

She’s named Cassiopeia and is about 12 years old now. Still plays once in a while, chasing some small toy around and killing it with gusto. She’s the very picture of cool around the kids, quietly and coolly slinking off if she does not want any of that clumsy toddler petting.


Warthog ->



I have two of those. :rofl:


We’ve got one of those too. He’s had a long day- 5 dogs in the same house.


Mischief sunning himself outside my man-cave.


Don’t be mad I peed on the floor I’m 11 yrs old!

I got too many toys for Christmas and now I need a bigger bed