Pilate's Ghost - A Sim Novel


Let’s face it,you would’ve never passed the entrance exam for Naval Aviators.

For example when you got to the question “What happens when you push the control stick forward?”, I’m sure, based on your nuclear background, you would have talked about the change in airflow over the elevators, causing low pressure and higher pressure areas as if flows over the airfoil and how those forces react on the aircraft causing it to pivot around its center of gravity to a nose down attitude.

The correct answer is “Houses get bigger.”


Wow, you absolutely nailed it there. One of the nukes I worked with on Reagan is now flying Superhornets, but he was an Engineering Laboratory Technician (ELT), which means his answer to the question would’ve been, “what do you want it to do?”


Just a quick plug for Pilate’s Ghost (by our own @Hangar200) - (my review HERE) it is currently on sale at The FS Pilot Shop for $4.99 (a steal!)…