Pixel art


At the inlaws for the weekend.
My daughter brought her pixel art set…
Her father is a child of the 8-bit generation, and wanted to give it a go. Yes, I’m bored out of my mind. :wink:

I give you the C=64 command prompt and the Amiga Workbench early mouse pointer…


I would recognize that mouse cursor anywhere. I remember you could edit it with one of the Workbench apps I forgot what its name was…


ah it was IconEd


How can you possibly get bored with THAT?!


cooooolll, that looks so much fun!

I remember years ago building a dutch train set for SimuTrans, so much fun painting pixels!


No, I didn’t express myself correctly.
I’m at my inlaws for the weekend. I’m bored, but was saved by my daughters pixel art beads :slight_smile:

I think that’s the image I used as a guide! :wink:


Yay, Amiga! Such a nice machine, way ahead of its time…


I used to have some early Win (3.0?) icon editor that was like that…if you really got into it, you could make some good looking icons.