Plane hits deer in Charlotte

Well, that’s one less for ME to hit I suppose. Nice job American Eagle… I do love the varying accounts and conflicted headlines - did the plane hit the deer…or did the deer hit the plane. I’ll await the interview with the deer before I cast judgement…

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What’s the point of getting it wet with foam?

That’s seasoning. The engine segmented that meat and cooked it…

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Because firefighters play Just Cause 3…

Yeah, firefighters, God bless them all, love to use whatever the biggest tool they have in their arsenal. Sprinkler system door locked and Betty-bo has gone looking for the key? No problem. We have a 6 foot long crowbar that will make hash out of your 5 thousand dollar door in a heartbeat. Ask me how I know. They are the Marines of first responders.

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Called the parents. My dad’s loading up the truck and my mom’s getting her sausage-making gear ready. Beach, if you give me an address, I can ask her to send some venison sausage up the road to you.


Unknown damage, hot engines, possible fuel fumes going around. You better get it wet before a good place fire destroys your runway!

Especially with planes landing, the UEL and LEL for the fuel tank are closer to the boundary.

I was looking at the vid going; “I’m not seeing any deers here”. Then I read up on it. It happened during the takeoff. Sooo disappointed… I crave the blood of the innocent!