Plane hits wave as it tries to take off


Wasn’t there anyone going ‘Throttles up, one Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi…’ to try to time the waves? :wink:

I wonder if they had their wiper set to full

That is a logbook entry made in red for sure (memorable event)…

Holy crap, AND he kept it in the air. Looked like an AJ Savage to me?

Holy snappin duck poo !!!

For one, how much deck pitching was going on? And two, what setting did they put the wipers on?

Amazed to see it keep flying

Wow! Just wow.

I think it’s an either an S-1 Tracker or a C-1 Trader

Really frightening, and I was really surprised to see it flying. Tough plane.

I’ll bet there were a few wardrobe changes necessary when they landed. :open_mouth: