PLANET COASTER - Launch Trailer

If you like some Theme_park Like management Games this seems like a great product!

From your friendly Frontier Development! :slight_smile:

I read somewhere on teh internets that the actual guys doing the development work on Planet Coaster were the original Roller Coaster Tycoon guys.

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Not so much, depending on how far back you mean. Chris Sawyer was the infamous RCT1 “Mah assembly code!” guy/genius, and he did act as ‘consultant’ on RCT 3 (which was farmed out to Frontier from the roving bandits known as Atari) but it’s more the case that 'people that worked on RCT 3 are still at Frontier". Frontier did do (farmed out from Microsoft this time) the amazing good Disneyland Adventures Kinect (in terms of look, as a game it was awful) so they know their themeparks.

The game looks great. Will pick it up I think.


I have it, it’s good.

The amount of options you have when it comes to buildings is amazing. How you can place every light, banner, wall, window… everything, is awesome.

Haven’t played it since they added actual coasters but I enjoyed it.

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