Planet found orbiting Proxima Centauri in habitable zone

So we got that going on, which is cool.


I feel like there’s a appropriate Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe quite in here somewhere, but alas. I cannot come up with anything.

So let me recite you some Vogon poetry

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturations are to me,
As plurdled gabbleblotchits,
On a lurgid bee,
That mordiously hath blurted out,
Its earted jurtles,
Into a rancid festering confectious organ squealer. [drowned out by moaning and screaming]
Now the jurpling slayjid agrocrustles,
Are slurping hagrilly up the axlegrurts,
And living glupules frart and slipulate,
Like jowling meated liverslime,
Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turling dromes,
And hooptiously drangle me,
With crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or else I shall rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon,
See if I don’t!

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Let me add some Swedish epic poem, with my own twist;

Attempt at salvation through thoughts
and small escape from dreams to dreams
quickly became a solution here.
With one foot deep in emotions
and the other; steady in insensitivity,
such were our approach

I asked me a question, no reply
I dreamt me a life, and lived a lie
I traveled the stars, but remained immobile
for trapt on Earth, here was I
always been leaving