Planet Wilson

A great planet with an interesting Story!!

And some pictures from my trip to Wilson.

My ship- The Imperial Eagle “Amraam”

Incoming- after a 1k LY walk out of the park…

Approaching Orbital distance

Closing in… Five on Five


Damn, I look good…

High Orbit- looking for Landmarks from the Thread’s maps…

Ok, spotted…

Three craters in the middle of the aptly name Bermuda Triangle.

A stunning view of the Milky way from Wilson.

My Go-Pro is mounted on the Ship’s spoiler…

Got to love the Star Forge program— these planets are a Joy to explore! Some of the ravines are a dozen of Km high!


I find this whole thing pretty interesting, love the concept (even if it was a bug lol)

I’ll have to keep reading that thread, I only got a few pages in.

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