Podcast, Rick Volker Interview, Spitfire, Bf-109E and G Impressions


Hello Mudspikers. Not sure if this will post properly using my phone. The above should be a link to a podcast episode done by an acquaintance of mine from a biplane pilots’ forum. This episode interviews Rick Volker, a very successful airshow and competition pilot who arguably has more time flying WWII fighters to their limit than most demo pilots still living. I don’t include the gentle low-hot-pass airshow guys in this category because they know less about the planes they fly regardless how much time they may have in type.

Rick has a lot to say about the flight characteristics of the Spitfire and Me-109. He also takes an indirect dig at me as I was the Pitts he beat at Springfield. (I did a humpty instead of a hammer and zeroed the figure). My consolation was that I got to watch from the air as Rick flew his sequence. With three breaks it was very long but very impressive. He said later that it was one of the bigger challenges he’s had in an airplane.

Pass the podcast around if you think it has value.


Thanks for posting that @smokinhole - that was a good listen.

On taxiiing the Spitfire: “You don’t want to touch the brakes - ever!”

Oh my this is going to cause a lot of craters on taxiways and runways in DCS :smiley: