Potential Amazon scam with RTX 2080Ti cards

Found this on another forum, thought it would be worth sharing here.

I personally would not buy something like this from Amazon UK, would defer to a dedicated reputable computer dealer, but some folk will choose Amazon because of not knowing better, seeing it cheaper or whatever, its a concern and from thread I found this on, not that uncommon from Amazon … its obvious what is happening, some folk are ordering an Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, then when it arrives sending back a similar sized lesser card to Amazon for full refund saying it was a mistake, also as worrying is Amazon are putting these back in stock with an Amazon checked sticker and selling it as new again or even second hand with discount … their return staff who check obviously don’t know enough to tell the difference from a full RTX 2080 Ti to a much cheaper GTX 1080 Ti (or even lesser spec card) one of same size.

AFAIK, Amazon track mobile/cell phones by their IMEI number, they really should be tracking expensive graphic cards like this too by serial numbers or suchlike.

I don’t know how widespread this scam is? but this guy in video bought three RTX 2080 Ti’s from Amazon and all three were not 2080 TI’s … cause for concern I’d say.


That’s a bummer!
I can feel the fury when you order a more expensive card and get a cheaper one. And then you return it, just to be told you didn’t return the card you bought. Just because somebody played the system…

Everyone now should do the unboxing videos :wink:

Yeah, it’s buyer beware with Amazon for expensive items. I ordered a Gibson ES339 on Amazon from a seller with great feedback, because the price was exceptional. But the one I received was a lessor trim level. When I processed the exchange, the next one arrived with a broken head stock. So returned that one for a refund. The experience sent me back to buying local. This turned out to be a blessing, because I found a mint one on Craig’s for a very reasonable price.

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Yeah there is stuff I just wouldn’t buy online.
Mostly expensive stuff, but also stuff that breaks easily.
Bows are an example, especially old school wooden ones like my 50lbs traditional longbow.

Guitars, you really should be buying from a shop and trying them first, but guilty as charged m Lord, bought one or two online too :slight_smile:

Got lucky