Present for myself

So it was my birthday over the weekend…so I gifted myself the Carenado 185F + Bush Expansion pack… :smiley:

Ah…I love the smell of salmon in the morning…



Smells like…victory.

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Some day this spawns gonna end…

Belated happy birthday btw. :cake: :birthday: :beer:

Also, the smell of salmon is really awful and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The dog spends most of November trying to roll in the carcasses, and the whole area stinks. :smile:

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happy bday @BeachAV8R !

So you’re saying a little salmon packet stuffed under my enemies car seat in the summer is a good tactic then?


Unless that enemy is a Labrador, yes. :dog:

Labs can’t make enemies. It is a law of the Universe…

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