Pro Flight X-56 Rhino

This looks to be a different color X-55 with a fixed throttle analog ‘nipple’ stick and a real CMS stick on the stick, which are very worthy things to fix from the original.


Great, now they just need to announce a trade in program for my x55 :smile:


I am referring to the microstick on my throttle as the “nipple” stick from now on.

I am not sure why I have not done so before this. Too much time on the east coast I guess.

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Oooohhh. My very old x52(before the pro version) needs to go to pasture.

Looking forward to a review and pricepoint on this

I got so much great use of my my X45 and X52 (non pro)…so I have a deep love for those guys. Haven’t really had to bust them out since my Warthog purchase a few years back…but I like the looks of that X-56…