Progress 10 Launch Seen From ISS

Beautiful time lapse:


Yeah that’s an awesome video.

If I were on the ISS I would’ve called ”SAM LAUNCH!”, just to see the look on my fellow astronauts faces… :wink:

Awesome video! Gave me goosebumps.


Wow, spectacular! I wonder what the time compression is on that video?

I’m not sure. A rough guide is that the 2nd stage separation plume happens about 18 seconds into the video from when we see the launch, and in reality the Soyuz-FG does that 287 seconds into the flight.

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Another version on the ESA channel with different music.

It is hard to describe but watching this human made machine leaving our home, earth, which is covered by all the clusters of human city lights (thousand, probably million years of evolution), then the stars and galaxies so far away in the background, in combination with this music is a whole different level to me.

An indescribable feeling seeing humans like this.

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