Project TM MFD's with real displays

Have a couple of these, even read posts on net for those who want three (for obvious reasons) so why not find a buddy who has a pair already, then go half price on one more purchase and both have three?

Just a thought.

Main reason for posting this topic though, we have a good Flight Sim hardwawre community here with Guys like Troll and others, many do VR only, but many do not … so what about desktop realism, the Thrustmaster MFD’s, they are more than just a gimmick, the buttons work, they are programmable and look cool glowing in the dark :slight_smile:

I think we all have seen some folk put mini LCD’s behind them for the next step realism, but seen so many projects come and go its hard to keep up, sometimes complicated software needed too … is that still the case with DCS in particular?

Ideally, it should be plug and play suitable sized ratio little monitor LCDs that just work when you fire up DCS or BMS … but when was life ever that easy :slight_smile: With all the new Military controllers from TM/Virpil/MFG and many more, why cant we have a plug and play LCD add on for the TM MFD’s? or better still all new TM LCD screen MFD’s.

As little to no software programming softwware skills would be best, just plug and play for DCS if possible would be perfect.

We’ve all seen home made solutions and screens, some with more success than others, am out of the loop, really want to give my TM MFD’s the full LCD screen treatment soon, please advise.

PS: Whatever happened to the TM Hornet grip?

I have searched a lot for this. Some people have found USB 7” monitors that fit good enough, but here in Canada I cannot find any that are suitable.

With three displays now, I may try a smaller monitor that can hold them all. I used to do this with an older display that I simply double sided taped the MFD’s too (it had dead pixels so I placed them where it still worked).

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Found the old photo:


Yep, have considered putting the TM MFD frames (without the cardboard backgrounds that come with them) over an older 17" or 19" LCD, those monitors resolution would be ample, but invariably that would mean putting the MFD’s to one side of main viewing screen.

They really need to be in front of my main large screen for ergonomics, not off to side,

Here is pic of my desktop from my camera phone, with where I would like my TM MFD’s to be, so another monitor underneath my main one (a 43" 4K one) there is no room really … If I’m going to do LCD’s for the MFD’s I need 2 x separate small ones, can work around trhe square ratio size of the TM MFD’s as others seem to have done, its finding suitable plug and play ones that will work with DCS with a minimum of fuss.

Looks like we were posting, composing posts at same time there, yup, taping the MFD frames to a smaller secondary LCD would work great, but would still like to keep my MFD’s under the main display within view and ergonomically reachable at all times if possible, its gonna mean 2 x separate mini LCD’s I guess, but seen so many different solutions, with USB powered ones and more.

Wish there was a dedicated MFD LCD kit to work with DCS module Aircraft, am sure it would sell if reasonably priced, there are markets for home cockpits costing more than I earn in a year, some entrepreneur could make a killing here, maybe :slight_smile:

just be prepared that running the secondary screen chews alot into your frame rates as you are then rendering alot of extra pixels. Between switching to a desk setup like you (and therefore not having space for monitor #2 like that) and the framerate loss, I opted to go back to “stock” as I don’t like lowering graphics settings.

Originally I sat in front of a 50" TV, with a table infront of that where I rigged up the second monitor to sit upside down on an angle to allow cable access.

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@B12 something like this may work, depending on what hookups your graphics card has:

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