Proposal for a Mudspike DCSW Fly-In mission

Hey y’all!

I’d like to make a proposal for a Mudspike Fly-In mission, because I had lots of fun with y’all during the last Fly-Ins I participated in. I would also build the mission if there isn’t someone more talented to do that.

So here’s my proposal for the Mission. Still a bit rough around the edges but I think you will get the idea:


  • several slots for M-2000C strikers
  • several slots for F-5E strikers
  • 1-2 AFAC slots, flying A-10C armed with TGP and WP rockets only for marking targets
  • OPTIONAL: TOWER/ATC/AWACS slot for coordination
  • OPTIONAL: enemy ground commander slots for CA players to man air defenses, move truck convoys and so on.


  • Map: Caucasus
  • Friendlies: air base, one or two divert fields as well. Distance to target should allow a A-10C to fly there in five minutes or so.
  • Enemies: Several groups of enemies, both static (such as tents, truck parks, POL tanks, artillery pieces) and moving (perhaps not tanks but everything else), in two kill boxes. After some time or when nearly all enemies in a killbox are destroyed, more groups can be spawned by a trigger. The mission should allow 2-3 hours of fun on a saturday I think. We can either kill the enemies in one box or in both, depending on the number of players. If we have too many players for one kill box we just need another FAC and can have two kill boxes.
  • Anti-air threats: Anything up to Shilkas (AAA trucks, ZSU-23/2 emplacements, all that stuff).
  • OPTIONAL: We could also have some IR SAMS, but those would have to be killed by the M2000C with guided bombs, buddy lased into the target by the FACs. Or killed by VERY smart acting F-5Es, but I don’t know if we are smart enough for that. :smiley:

The mission would basically go this way:

  • FACs search for targets in the killboxes.
  • ATC talks to the FACs and coordinates the strikers, gives them the FAC frequencies if necessary
  • Strikers check in with the AFACs, AFACs assigns them to parking orbits if he can’t handle them simultaneously, then he can give a 9-liner or just plain speech to talk them to the targets, Vietnam-style. AFACs can also use WP rockets, but since they have a limited supply they must plan ahead.
  • after going winchester the surviving strikers fly home to re-arm. Bonus points for not dying are recorded by Mudspike personnel.
  • Possible ends of the mission:
    – Nobody finds targets anymore
    – Everybody is pissed off enough to rage-quit
    – Everybody is too drunk
    – time limit
    – OPTIONAL: Every striker and AFAC has a number of lives. But I think that could actually make it less fun.


  • Instant respawn allowed when shot down, but strikers only take off in pairs. So a shot down player may have to wait for another one. Exceptions possible.
  • Re-arming and refueling at base allowed.
  • Ejection and/or leaving without a good reason not allowed. It hurts the fun.
  • It is allowed to attack targets without the AFAC if the AFAC is not there (for example if he was shot down).
  • If the AFAC is there and a striker spots a target they can tell the AFAC about it and request permission to engage. The AFAC should let them do that. The whole situation should stay non-chaotic if possible though.

One of the disadvantages of our M2000C missions was that it didn’t allow people to jump in later, or respawn when shot down. This mission should allow it in a way that is not too chaotic and not too boring. A limited way, to be more fun. There will be a pile-up of strikers at the parking orbits for the AFAC in the beginning, but as soon as the first strikers are on their way back (or respawn in case of their sudden and unexpected demise) it should become a steady stream of strikers goin in and out, AFACs getting grey hair and dry mouths, and lots of explosions.

So what do y’all think?



if my work doesn’t get in the way again

Let me know if you’d like any assistance or what not. Otherwise I’m game.

I’ve got a couple other events in work, @Aginor, I’ll PM you about setting this up, though!


I’m up! I could take the ATC slot. I won a copy of lotATC here on mudspike and it has been waiting for the next fly-in to be used!


Oh mah GAWD I’m in, I will AFAC for you all friggin day.

any time!

sounds good to me!

I think I’ll go ahead and get my mission editor skills back up and do a few tests with triggers and so on. It will be fun, even though the mission is still in the rather far and uncertain future. :slight_smile:

I’m down for some M2000 action.

Sounds great. I’m in for some mud moving with the Tiger.

You had me at “too drunk.” Time for bombing practice in the Tiger!

I’m in!
Would love to do a strike in the M2000, and the flexibility that this mission provides makes it perfect for a fly-in!