Proud owner of both Virpil stick bases now

Put in an order for the VPC T-50CM2 Base about a month ago I guess, little bit of a waiting time, but again my Virpil order came through good, have owned their older T-50 base for some time now, rock solid and without being mean to stock TM Warthog base users … there really was no looking back.

New VPC T-50 M2 base is a great refinement over the original … they are both great stick bases of course, but this new one has the edge … wont go into into easier change of cams or springs … Trolls review does better than I can … love the idea of an extra output for future switchbox or something … calibration and firmware update was a breeze using latest Virpil software, using this new base for my TM Hornet chair now (Monstertech swivel to side clamps) Still love my old Virpil T-50 base, this I use for my central position stick when needed with the curved extension.

Life is good :mudspike:


Something I wondered, are the dimensions/attachment points precisely the same between the old and the new base?

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They are.
The U bracket is the same for both bases.


My T-50 is bolted to my seat with a millimeter-tight fit on 3 sides, so it is good to know that I could fit a new M2 base too should the current one ever break.


The only difference is the two connectors below the U bracket.
And there’s a small difference in height of the ”neck” that you attach the grip to.

OK, so everyone’s going to be going on about the joysticks, but my eye keeps getting caught by that Spitfire kit. Mmm. . . :heart_eyes_cat:


I have a CM2 base on order… patiently waiting the shipping notification, haha.


I have the Tamiya 1/32 Spit Mk. IX in my stash. The kit is so nice it’s a shame to build it! :wink:


Lol, that Tamiya Spit is there because I had it looked out to picture for a scale model forum swap, have the Tamiya IX too, have all the Tamiya 1/32 Aircraft kits at least once over, as Troll says, they are almost too nice to build, pure works of art.

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