Q for Bios gurus - adding more ram

I have 2 sticks of 4 gig ram in the computer and I have bought another 2 sticks stick for upgrade.

I have tried my best to get the same memory amount, core memory speed, timings, power even brand name, but these are a different model number.

Anyhow, my idea was to just plonk the sticks in and check or copy over the current bios setting for the already installed sticks to the new one.

Is this ok or is there anything else I should know or think about? It was a CPU + mobo + memory bundle preworked and possibly factory overclocked (can’t rightly remember)

Love to hear thoughts from the experts.

Mobos can have max memory limitations, including which slots they can access simultaneously. Check your mobo docs or forums like overclock.net for more specifics. Folks often press hardware more than the designers intended and find solutions that work pretty well.

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checked the mobo manual,

it supports max 32 gb ram ddr3 2800. memory ordered fits under max specifications

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Also make sure the twin banks have the same kind of sticks in them. That helps a lot too.

I know guys who have tried this and it didn’t work even though everything lined up. Memory is a finicky beast.

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Yeah, from what I have read, even if the memory is from the same manufacturer, same timings, same ram content and same voltage… The fact that they are in different batches of production may cause an issue. But I will see how it goes. I did the best I can do to match them as closely as possible and most likely event it should hopefully work.

Not doing anything special with it. Not overdoing it with amount of ram / voltage or overclocking.

I guess it will be suck it and see time.

Doesn’t mobo automatically selects those things for you? Back in the day we had to mess with settings, but now it seems just plug and play.

Should do. Setting XMP for the standardised overclock of the memory sticks should set everything for me. Fingers crossed.

So for anyone that may be vaguely interested.

Installed new ram and SSD today.

My bios had a slight overclock on the already installed ram with XMP setting disabled in BIOS. So I thought I would try to keep the overclock settings and just plonk the new ram in and see how it goes. (now 4 x 4gig sticks)

Loaded up bios on next start, nothings changed on the ram settings and went for full boot.

Loaded up fine then checked CPUid and that showed it running as expected. Just reinstalling fresh installs of DCS and I will give it a run to see how it holds up.