Q. is IL2 Strumovik Battles only playable via Steam?

I was just wondering, I bought all the addons and downloads for IL2 Strumovik from there web site, and linked it to my Steam account. My Steam account has been stolen and still working on recovering it with no luck SO FAR…

I was just wondering can the game and all the add-ons be played without steam, like there own launcher or something. That and the new doorkickers is all I really need steam for now-a-days anyway. I’d like to break away from Steam after all this anyway.


Hey @Magnum50 . I feel bad for what happened to you and hope you get your stuff back.

You can log in on the IL-2 website, then go to your profile and then download the game client installer from there. It is in the red box on the right side when you go to your profile.


Ahh Thanks.

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@magnum if you go on Valve’s twitter and the steam reddit pages and kick up a big stink they will for sure do something about it.
Valve hate negative press.
You shouldn’t have to do that as customer services should help you but its pretty guaranteed to have an effect.


@Magnum50, Sorry to hear about your Steam troubles. There was an attempt to take over my account too. Steam contacted me about the breach. They even provided the IP address of the user, located in Seoul. It’s probably worth getting the word out that systems like Steam and Discord are like sliding glass patio doors, the best way to get inside a house that thinks its locked. Change pw’s often peeps!

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OK, a follow up… I got my steam account back, so all is good there… but I since moved my IL2 game and all it’s addon to the official game launcher. Most of my addons are there listed except for Battle of Kuban. I tried to buy it, on sale right now, but says I can only buy it as a gift because I already have it. It’s not listed in game, (was back when I used steam), and it’s not even listed on my purchased account list. Am I missing something? It it called something else?

Also, while I’m here a number of the campaigns I bought are not in game but in my purchased list. How do I get those activated? I tried the key activations, said already done.

Might just have to contact support, now that I think about it.

There was a way at some point, to convert your site bought catalog to Steam, which I did. I launch everything from Steam, no matter where I buy them now. Since the developers get more from purchases at their site, I buy everything there now. But I launch the game from Steam. When you launch the game from Steam, do you see all of your purchases? For that matter, when you log into the IL2 Sturmovik site, do you see all of your purchases?

I see them on steam, thou I don’t have them installed via steam anymore… since I have them installed via the official launcher, but not all listed there.

Magnum, that sounds like they are synced. Try launching from Steam. I bet that you will have access to everything.

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